Why Mpanda?

Everything has started in 2000 when three brothers decided to establish an atelier in Gedikpaşa, Istanbul for producing kids shoes with a brand known globally. They turned their dream into true by opening their facility full of technological innovations in Aymakoop Industrial Site located in Istanbul İkitelli Organized Industrial Site in 2001.

Loving their business and considering nothing but only working honestly, the founders have always produced high quality products, followed the trends, created authentic models and have become the owner and producer of an esteemed brand particularly in the Eastern Block and former Soviet republics.

In parallel to the increase in the preference to orthopedic kids shoes by conscious consumers, Medvejonok Panda® brand has grown. Meeting all needs of its conscious and discriminating customers, Medvejonok Panda® has the power and self-confidence to act more determinant in carrying its line, position and assertion further.

The company progresses with excitement and sound steps for being a stronger producer and brand in the entire world.

Sincerely yours,


Company Executive